The event was jointly hosted by all the project stakeholders involved – including Commtech Asia, Digital Realty, BYME, CBRE and Linesight.

Celebrating the commencement of the final phase of the Digital Realty HKG10 datacentre, a simple yet dignified kick-off ceremony was held at the live construction site in July.

The HKG10 datacentre has a total IT capacity of 11 megawatt – this last phase involves the fit out of a 40,000 sq ft datacentre facility that houses 500+ server racks. The project was completed last quarter of 2018.

Celebrating the final project milestone with Digital Realty BODY - Commtech Asia

Since 2012, Commtech Asia has delivered a significant amount of projects for the longstanding customer. To date, Commtech Asia has delivered 16 projects for Digital Realty across Asia – an outstanding track record and therefore a testament to a successful relationship established over years.

The new datacentre offers exceptional diversity from a power, cooling, security and connectivity perspective. The customer adopted its latest global Turn Key Flex(SM) (TKF) design topology optimised for Hong Kong’s climate conditions, particularly focuses on flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

The datacentre has also been recognised as Uptime Institute Tier III Design and Construction Certified and achieved five nines (99.999%) uptime.