As a forward-looking organisation, we recognise the need to nurture and cultivate the younger generation of our workforce.

We know that our bright young minds are the future, and we empower them to make a difference and bring new perspectives and diverse ideas to the table. Flying the flag for a new generation of experts, 26-year old Sherwayne Quah shares her working experience as a project engineer at Commtech Asia.

Tell us more about your background?

I studied electrical engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. After amassing five years of engineering experience in a utility, marine and urban development group, I made the decision last year to pursue a better opportunity as a project engineer at Commtech Asia. I have not looked back since!

 How are you enjoying your role at Commtech Asia so far?

I am currently working on one of our datacentre projects as a project engineer. While it sounds like a highly technical job, I enjoy every aspect of it along with the set of challenges presented for each project. It may have been a brief few months, but it has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. By reputation, Commtech Asia is a market leader in datacentre commissioning, and I feel very privileged to be part of a reputable organisation, learning from very experienced people in the field.

What is a typical day at work for a project engineer?

For me, a typical day on site would usually involve attending to site acceptance tests on electrical systems, with an occasional mix of building management systems and fire alarm systems thrown in. Depending on which stage of the project we are in, I could be witnessing factory acceptance tests (FAT) conducted by manufacturers off-site or visual inspections for system installation. My favourite part of the project is during Integrated Systems Testing (IST), where we evaluate the performance of critical services systems. Various failure scenarios are simulated to test for system reliability, resilience and disaster recovery strategy. This ensures that the outcome is unsurpassed in terms of build, functionality and quality.

What skills do you need to excel as a project engineer for a commissioning management project?

Commissioning discipline requires highly trained minds that are both intuitive and analytical in assessing intricate and technical details. Problem-solving and project management skills are two traits that are required in commissioning roles, along with the specialist technical competency across all mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) services. With advancing technology requirements, engineers also need to be resourceful and proactive in keeping pace with new systems, equipment and industry trends. The role requires a natural collaborator, who can lead in a position of authority and have a holistic grasp of complex situations.

What’s different about Commtech Asia?

Commtech Asia provides equal opportunities for its workforce — regardless of background, gender, age or skillset. Working here is a really unique opportunity for me to develop and apply my skills across different projects. The team I work with truly makes a difference; we rely on each other for support and work towards a common goal. My input is valued at work; and whenever I am ever in doubt, there will always be guidance and support — which makes every job a great learning curve for me.

What is your career aspiration?

I aspire to be a commissioning manager, and hopefully, to be one of the first female engineers in the business to lead high-profile projects across the region.