Today’s age of smart cities has a dramatic impact on the construction industry. New buildings are becoming increasingly more complex – bolstered with smart capabilities, technology innovation and cutting-edge equipment, all in pursuit for greater efficiency and optimum building performance. With these comes a multitude of highly complex systems, and therefore, the demand for specialist building services commissioning has never been greater.

Despite its growing recognition, the market uptake has been slow and evidence suggests that there is still a general lack of appreciation of the added value of the process. Many still undermine its benefits and in the marketplace, commissioning is haphazardly undertaken by the contractor or designer in some projects – which further contradicts the market’s perception.

At Commtech Asia, we are independent commissioning management experts. We believe the inherent value of commissioning lies in having an independent advisor with specialist expertise to fulfil the design intent and protect the owner’s interests. To us, the greatest benefit is derived through an end-to-end testing and commissioning strategy and early involvement of an independent authority who is at the helm of the process, in order to fully maximise its benefits.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the intrinsic values of independent commissioning management in 10 benefits for property owners:

#1 Get the best value out of your investments

With a significant amount of sophisticated systems installed, it is easy to lose sight of meticulous tasks that require distinct attention to detail and the highest levels of technical competency. With design appraisals, factory acceptance tests and site supervision undertaken by our technical experts, we evaluate system functionality, ensure operational compliance, improve workmanship and drive the best-quality outcomes on your investments.

#2 Better peace of mind

Two heads are better than one. At Commtech Asia, our single focus is to ensure that the project is delivered to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) throughout the lifecycle of the project. Working as technical advisors and the owner’s second pair of eyes, you can rely on us to enhance project efficiency and provide expert insights through our experience and specialist skillset in the field.

#3 Increase speed to market

End-to-end commissioning effectively reduces change orders and eliminates costly project delays. From the onset, we work with all project stakeholders to determine commissioning requirements and critical pathways. We challenge the design, rectify issues and carry out interventions from the earliest stage of the project to keep the project on course.

#4 Long term cost-savings

Under the oversight of an independent commissioning management specialist, building owners reap rewards from significant cost-savings over a period of time. When fully commissioned, a building is adjusted to run and perform optimally and therefore, reduces energy consumption, extends equipment life span and ultimately decreases operations and maintenance cost.

#5 Reduce negative environmental impact

The building sector has a huge part to play in today’s environmental and sustainability agenda. A comprehensively commissioned building prevents waste and reduces negative environmental impact through optimised energy and water conservation. You may also engage Commtech Asia for environmental commissioning to secure a high building certification rating and prestigious green-building awards, which not only boost your property listing but also sets an exemplary standard for today’s environmentally-responsible asset.

#6 Improve occupant’s comfort

With real-time data and effective tracking tools, the process of commissioning helps improve and maintain indoor environmental quality and comfort levels for occupants. This helps you drive building occupancy rates, attract and retain tenants through consistent and quality end-user experience.

#7 Optimum building operations

Our process deploys effective measures to run tests and verify that all facility systems perform interactively as a fully integrated system on a day-to-day basis. This process ensures uninterrupted services and the reliability of your building operations, ensuring they  integrate seamlessly to perform to optimal levels.

#8 Better building maintenance

For building operators and managers, it is imperative that they keep their facility operating smoothly. A vital handover process of commissioning includes a robust documentation system. This includes a full commissioning report, a detailed audit trail and an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) manual to inform best practice, for a more effective building maintenance.

#9 Enhanced safety compliance

Commissioning activities include training programmes to educate building operators and managers on safe operating procedures of all electrical, mechanical equipment. Better competency enhances safety compliance and prevents accidents that could harm personnel and can disrupt building operations.

#10 Higher return on investment

Undoubtedly, the value-add in building commissioning exceeds the upfront cost of the project in itself. A superior built quality and increased demand on building occupancy will ultimately lead to the increase in asset value. Significant cost reduction on utility and maintenance also speeds up returns on investments.


At Commtech Asia, we provide independent commissioning management services for all aspects of building systems. Talk to us and find out how we can support you on your next project.