Commtech Asia offers you a global opportunity to live and work in a different country, broaden your experiences and establish a personal global network.

Started as a graduate trainee in Hong Kong office, Suki is grateful that she is able to learn from all the experienced mentors at Commtach Asia and fully apply her skills in different projects. Her typical day usually starts with a couple of calls with the team for any project update or spending time at clients’ sites testing different systems.

After a year of comprehensive training and onsite experience, Suki has been offered the opportunity to transfer and relocate to Japan, where she can continue to carry on to pursue her career in Testing & Commissioning industry.

“Commtech Asia offered me the global exposure to work with different people from different regions. It is a very collaborative working environment and a place that nurtures me to become a professional engineer.”

Why did you choose Commtech Asia graduate programme? How do we different from others?

I chose CTA because of the job nature of T&C, which gives me a shortcut to get involved in different stages of a construction project. Commissioning is that we have to go through the project from design review stage to the handover stage. This let me know more about how the project works and learn about different systems more comprehensively. Another thing that makes CTA distinct is the global exposure of the company. It is really a great opportunity to work with people from different regions.

Please describe one of your typical working day.

Typical routine will be having Teams chat/meeting to update the progress of the project (especially important during COVID-19 period). I’ll report the work I have done and see what the project lead need me to help on the projects. If there are site inspections on that day, I will contact with the sub-contractors to confirm the inspection details. T&C meetings will also be held between us and the client to review the work and report the upcoming schedule in weekly.

What’s your most enjoyable moment(s) / project(s) so far?

I have worked on West Kowloon M+ project for a year. There are a lot of chances that I can participate in the site inspections, ranging from mechanical, electrical to fire systems. All these are treasurable experience for me to know more about the field of T&C.

Any remarkable challenging moment(s) ?

There are some inspections failed for a few times in M+ project. I found it very challenging to find out the cause of the issues and the way to solve it. I witnessed the issue and discussed with my teammates and project leader to seek for their opinions. Several workshops were held between our team and the contractors to discuss the solution. Although tackling issues is a challenging task, it is a good experience for me to learn from my experienced colleagues.

Please describe working at Commtech Asia in three words.

collaborative, challenging, nurturing

What’s your future aspirations?

To gain more experience in datacentre projects and walk further on the profession path in T&C. There are a lot more to learn for commissioning and I will keep learning bit by bit through working with the team.

What do you like to do most after work?

Hiking or going for picnic to get in touch with the nature. Going out with my camera to take some nice pictures.

Any recommendations for future graduate applicants?

I think it is great to learn from zero and have the chance to apply what you learn immediately on the project. My recommendation is just keep in mind that all people in the team are experienced so try to observe and learn from them.

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