"You didn’t come this far to only come this far."
David Mullaney
Hong Kong Contracts Manager

David Mullaney has recently challenged himself at a 48-mile fundraising challenge within 48 hours.

We are grateful to have David shared a few tips on how to stay persistent when things get tough.

Knowing your goals
The charity challenge required each participant to complete a 4 mile (6.47km) run every 4 hours for a consecutive 48 hours with a total of 48 miles. “The reason I took on this challenge was to support my younger brother in Ireland who took on the challenge to fundraise for North West Hospice. This charity had taken great care of our grandfather and we would like acknowledge their hard work and to raise some money as a way of appreciation”

Restructure your pace / strategy if needed
The challenge was hard in many ways. For every run, we only have a short break to eat and rest therefore, it was important to eat as soon as possible to ensure you are ready for the next run. At one stage I got the eating timing wrong and had a very difficult 4 mile run with cramps and indigestion. I adjusted my pace for that run and was more careful with eating times for the additional legs of the challenge, this highlighted the importance of planning and discipline needed to achieve the end goal.

Surround yourself with a strong community that also persists
As the challenge needed to be completed at the same time with my brother who was in Ireland, we supported each other before and after each leg of the challenge by sending supportive messages.

Believe in yourself
There is nothing more important than believing in yourself.

A huge applause to David who has completed this challenge and thank you for sharing this motivational story with us.