What does learning mean to you?

Tom Lo, who started his journey as Graduate Engineer in 2018 thinks that learning is essential, and continuous learning can further expand his skill set in response to a changing world. “I enjoy learning and I am glad that the company has given me different channels to keep learning. Our Centre of Excellence is an excellent learning environment that provides all-rounded knowledge about Testing and Commissioning in terms of different Electrical & Mechanical trades.” said Tom who has recently achieved a gold award as the most engaged learner.

When did you start working at Commtech Asia?

Starting from Aug 2018.

You have joined us via the Graduate Engineer Program. Why did you choose us over other companies?

I chose Commtech Asia because I am attracted to their speciality role in a construction project – Testing and Commissioning. I can learn how a commissioning project shall be done (starting from the beginning until the handover). Most important of all, it gives me the opportunity to work in different places with different people to broaden my horizon.

What was your most memorable project so far?

It was a global datacentre expansion job and also my first project. I had the chance to witness the testing for different E&M systems and learn how to coordinate between different parties to achieve the goal. I felt very satisfied upon the project completion.

When you were offered to relocate to Beijing for a few months on a mission to complete a project. How did you feel?

Absolutely honoured! It is definitely once in a lifetime experience as I was given the opportunity to learn more about another working culture and project requirements. I really missed the time having hotpot with my colleagues and hiking in the snow!

Any advice to anyone who would love to apply the Graduate Engineer program?

Keep your heart open. Keep Learning. Do not be afraid to ask questions or encounter any challenges.

You have recently received an award for the most engaged learner… How did you juggle between learning and working?

The training program surely works. It provides all-rounded knowledge and experiences about T&C and terms of different E&M trades. I am glad that I can apply what I absorbed from the program in my work.

Last but not the least, 3 words to describe Commtech Asia?

Authentic, Consistent, Supportive

As a growing business, Commtech Asia invests in our people through providing continuous learning opportunities around new technologies, practices and industry developments. We believe by embedding learning and development into our business, we will cultivate a team of talented and committed people that we need – to become the best in our business.