Jason Leung, one of our Hong Kong graduate trainees earned the opportunity to transfer and station in our Taiwan office last year. We are glad to have Jason sharing his journey, and also his bits and bots in Commtech Asia with us today.

Why did you choose Commtech Asia graduate programme? How are we different from the others?

I joined from the career booth organized by Commtech Asia at Polytechnic University of Hong Kong during my final year. The innovative brand and the well-communicated atmosphere attracted me.

Describe one of your typical working day.

My typical working day would be having weekly meeting with project team. I review contractors’ submittal, report the current progress of testing and commissioning, predict and follow the potential issues that would cause problems.

Can you share us one of your most enjoyable moment / project so far?

The most enjoyable moment was that I completed the test inspection for a multi-national technology company’s retail store in Macau.

Have you met any challenging moment?

The most challenging moment was that I took the commander role of the Heat Load Test (HLT) of a datacentre project. It includes two floors data halls. I handled the test from the beginning until completion, including contractor coordination/ method statement preparation/ pre-test check/ test execution/ difficulties solving/ final report documentation.

Could you also share your experience transferring to Taiwan? Why and how do you like it now?

First of all, I am glad that the company provided me with this opportunity, because it makes me more independent and cultivates me to be a leader. The varied project style in Taiwan made me inquisitive. I am also excited about its expansion, as there are many opportunities ahead of us.

Three words to describe Commtech Asia?

Flexible, Professional, Independent.

Last by not least, a few recommendations for future graduate applicants?

Stay positive! Don’t be afraid of the unknowns or unexpectedness. After all, the experience gained would be valuable to you.