Montesa, please tell us some interesting about yourself

I was an OFW in Singapore for 8 years before I work with Commtech Asia Philippines. When I decided to go back home for good, then I was told of the job opening for Commtech Asia Philippines. Being one of the pioneer employees of Commtech Asia Philippines was not easy at all but it gave me comprehensive experiences from accounts to hiring and of course on how to organize team buildings and CSR events.


Three words to describe Commtech Asia

FLEXIBLE, PROGRESSIVE, CONNECTED. Especially During this pandemic, Commtech Asia has shown its ability to be flexible, connected and, progressive.

The most memorable event so far etc.

My most memorable event was the year when I got the ‘ALWAYS CARE’ award.


Can you share your typical day with us?

A typical day for me always starts with a cup of coffee. On normal days, I start by casually discussing with my staff what to do for the day and what needs to be prioritized. I oversee the needs of the employees and ensure all are being attended to. Most of the time, I follow my day-to-do schedule, and in case that there are any urgent tasks, I will list them down and do things by priority.

I saw the PHP team has organized a lot of CSR events… and you are one of the active participants. How do you think CSR events can help to engage employees with the community and also the company?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the company’s approach to connect with the environment and society. I believe, for a company to be socially responsible, it needs to be accountable to the company and the people it serves. The company should lead an example and keep the employees informed. Employees will engage and perform better when they feel good about their company’s CSR involvement.

As an employee and an individual, I, too have social responsibility. Through different CSR events, I have the opportunity to involve myself and give back to the community.

It does not require significant CSR events to attract employees to engage in giving back. When we had a CSR for the street children, we are only asked to give a little something for them. While most of the employees donated school supplies, toiletries, and other stuff, I decided to give the children some sweet treats. I can still recall the faces of how happy the children were when receiving different treats.

As a Catholic, I admire the saying of Mother Teresa ‘It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.’ I always believe, no matter how big or small you give, it is the joy of giving that matters.


With Commtech Asia Philippines’ latest CSR where the company provided medical supplies for front liners, I decided to arrange food tubs for the front liner too. I contacted a family that prepares food packs for front liners at a minimal cost. To be able to provide plenty of lugaw (porridge) tub, I encourage colleagues to join me with the cause, telling them my plan, the cost and, if they are willing to pledge. Lucky to receive positive responses which made us provide more than enough lugaw to feed the hungry tummies of the front liner. Doing the action is the key. Nothing happens unless there’s a plan.