I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas Edison

Inspired by role model Thomas Edison who was not only a thinker but also a creator and an inventor, Panuwat Teansri, Commissioning Manager at Commtech Asia Thailand has decided to make a push for engineering and hope to inspire the next generation by sharing his critical thinking and integrated knowledge skills.

“My parents and I shared many common traits – we are both endlessly curious, hardworking, love creating and inspiring. They studied very hard and received a degree while raising me as child! That’s why I would like to follow them and become a teacher”, said Panuwat. “But I also enjoyed how engineers can enhance social wellbeing and decided to study engineer at last.”

As a father of two young kids, Panuwat also shared his parenting style, “I am not the kind of parents who force my children to be interested in something or tell them what profession to pursue for their careers, but I will always encourage my kids to be a ‘questionist’, be courageous to accept failure and keep experimenting until they got the result”.

Panuwat, Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering, became a Professional Engineer and a member of Commtech Asia (Thailand) in July 2020. He has completed many proud projects including datacentres, commercial mixed-use buildings, temples, and many more.

What do you enjoy the most as an engineer?
I felt good and satisfied after completing an exciting project. I was so proud of myself being a success factor in the project. On the other hand, I learnt a lot even if we failed on something – these are all valuable experiences.

Can you share some of your remarkable experiences at Commtech Asia?
Oh good question, I think that will be my first datacentre project once I joined the company. It was a very exciting experience and I had a good time working with my team and I am now working on 2 other exciting projects including a temple and a government-related building.

What’s the greatest challenge you have encountered so far?
I think it is the art of negotiations – how to deal with customer expectations and project constraints.

What’s the most essential attribute of being a successful engineer?
Just do it, always find something that could challenge your capability, and never stop learning.

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