Covid19 has made “Working From Home” becoming the new normal for many people in the past year. For Michelle, who is our China’s Office Administrator, has adopted another “remote working style” with us years ago. We are happy to invite Michelle to share her flexibility experience with us.

Congratulations on your 7-year service award you earned formerly. Did you realize any big changes happened in Commtech Asia over these 7 years?
The company has developed into a multi-national enterprise who dominates in commissioning consultancy & established good relationship with some world’s leading firms.

As we know you have been transferred from Shanghai to Sydney. How did it happen? Do you think the company has granted you the flexibility on this?
I have been transferred from Shanghai to Sydney in 2019 due to my kid’s education status. I’m grateful that Commtech Asia created this new role so I can continuously work together with my team who has given me a lot of support.

Have you ever met any difficulties / challenges in working remotely with your team, like in communications? How do you overcome them?
First, time zone difference especially during summer is one of the most significant challenges; it takes much more time to communicate over the social medias since I’m not in the country. I find the only solution is to adjust my working timeframe according to China Time. And get lots of mutual understanding from my colleagues.

Any tips for all of us who need to work remotely recently?
Adjust your time and space to maximize your efficiency. Be more patient not only to the others but also to yourself. Also, imagine like you are still working in office and have good discipline.

What’s your most memorable event(s) with us?
Team Building 2018 – Shanghai Office;
Watching matches, drinking and chatting with colleagues during FIFA World Cup

Three words to describe Commtech Asia?
Innovation, Professional, Caring