I love travelling a lot and I am amazed how my current role can continue the travelling fun!
David Kao
Project Engineer from Taiwan office

It is believed that when people are experiencing positive emotions, they feel like time is passing faster than normal. David Kao, Project Engineer from our Taiwan team definitely feels the same.

“Time flies happily at Commtech Asia as I am honoured to participate in many exciting projects, meeting a lot of great people and most important of all, working with a very motivated team”, commented David.

David joined our Taiwan team a year ago and since then, he has been active on the road and work on different projects, including some of the renowned companies in the world. “I love travelling a lot and I am amazed how my current role can continue the travelling fun!” exclaimed David  “Commtech Asia is a caring family that I know there is always someone behind your back and supports you.” added David.

Can you tell me something about yourself? When did you join us? Why did you choose us in the first place?
I am currently working as a Project Engineer in Taiwan and joined Commtech Asia in Sept 2020. I chose Commtech Asia because I knew it will give me a great opportunity to learn.

How’s your day like? Describe your day?
My day as a Project Engineer is always exciting as you never know what challenges may lie ahead.

You have been working on many projects in different places – How did you enjoy it?
Working on different projects and encountering new things is the best way for me to learn, I have picked up a lot of skills and information from working at other places and projects. Working in this mode was something new to me and I find it interesting, I would take any opportunities for me to learn.

Describe Commtech Asia in three words?
Professional, Supportive, Comfortable

What advice would you give to anyone who would like to enroll in this same commissioning role as yours?
Don’t be afraid of accepting new challenges, there will always be someone behind your back to support you.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role? Any memorable moment/project so far?
Completing one of the renowned datacentre project is the most rewarding memory so far. It is very challenging but I have learned a lot!