2021 was an exhausting yet satisfying year for Frankie Lao, Senior Commissioning Manager in Singapore, who has commissioned a single datacentre site with more than 11 rounds of HLT, 6 rounds of Integrated System Test, and over 40MW last year.  When we asked Frankie his secret recipe for resisting pressure and succeeding through hard work, he said having the right mindset is the key to all the challenges. “ Embrace new knowledge every moment and never assume things always go right!”, said Frankie.

Frankie recently joined the regional team and worked on a project together. “ It is really exciting to reunite with my team members across the globe and work on the same project (especially during this challenging time!). Having the opportunity to interact with different team members and stakeholders is always a great learning opportunity, and undoubtedly, client satisfaction is always our driving force.” said Frankie.

Frankie is also a certified Energy Manager who gained industry recognition by demonstrating and sharing energy efficiency principles, practices, technologies, and insights. All these experiences gave him the fundamental energy management knowledge that benefits his everyday work.

Can you tell me something about yourself?
I am a chartered mechanical engineer in UK specializing in HVAC and energy efficiency management before starting my role in Commetch Asia. I am currently living in Singapore with my family and taking take of two young boys beyond working time.

We learned that you have worked at the company for over 7 years – Can you tell us more about this journey?
I joined Commtech Asia SG back in 2014 as a Commissioning Manager. Throughout the 7 years journey in the company, I gained substantial knowledge on the commissioning process & management, critical systems functionality and operation, with consistent guidance and support from colleagues and superiors as well as training via exposure to various projects and clients requirement & standard.

Describe your job as a Senior Commissioning Manager at Commtech Asia. What does an average day look like for you ?
Basically, I need to understand client’s requirements in terms of design, operation and commissioning, ensuring the project team is complying and fulfilling those requirements via various Cx stages passing criteria. Day-to-day work subjects to project stage, typically is planning & tracking Cx progress / process / sequence vs team members resources.

Describe Commtech Asia in three words?
Independent, pride and versatile

Three words to describe your 2021 ?
Exhausting while satisfying

I have also seen you are a certified Energy Manager… Can you tell us more about this role? How can this help you with your work ?
I gained industry and peer recognition by demonstrating an understanding of energy-efficiency principles, practices, and technologies via this program. It brings me to a base level of understanding across a wide variety of energy management topics when comes to dealing with my work day-to-day.

What advice would you give to anyone who would like to enroll in this same role as you?
Have a mindset of
– Accept new knowledge and not limit yourself from previous work and study background
– Never assume things always go right (I know it’s not easy!)
– logic and critical thinking (issues could be identified if things are not making sense)

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?  Any memorable moment / project so far ?
I enjoyed and was satisfied with client’s appreciation and respect of the Commissioning process and standards in a build construction project. Having the opportunity to learn and deal with new challenges made me feel rewarded in my daily work. Every project I went through is memorable with new lesson learned and enjoyed interacting with my team members and stakeholders in the project.

Finally, what will be your 2022 resolutions?
Stay healthy and mentally strong, having quality time at both work and personal life.