“Diversification in a workplace is never an easy task and Commtech Asia has done one heck of a job to promote equality and inclusion in the workplace!”, exclaimed Rowena Torres, Business Development Manager from our Philippines office.

Owen (aka, Rowena) joined us prior to her 20+ years in the travel industry, and this change has become one of her wisest decision ever. By joining a completely new industry, it has not only broadened Owen’s horizon but she was also impeccably amazed at how women are celebrated and valued in the company. “Look around all the talented female engineers and leaders here! What a pleasure working with all these great people and my earnest wish to see the company continue to promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the workplace!”, said Owen.

Owen is a YOLO (you only live once) supporter and makes the most out of her every day “The pandemic hit everyone rough and hard and it has brought a lot of realization to me – you can never predict what’s happening tomorrow, isn’t it?” Owen will spend her quality time travelling to exciting places, playing different kinds of sports, reading stories about other #empowered women, and most important of all, listening to her all-time favorite Korean boy band – BTS!

Tell me something about yourself? Your background? When did you join us? Your role, your hobby? Just anything about you!
Hi, my name is Owen and I perform the role of Business Development Manager for the Mekong region. Before I joined Commtech Asia in June 2021, I spent 20+ years of my career in the Travel industry but I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and when an opportunity opened to join Commtech Asia, I took it and it became one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. Joining the company and the construction industry broadened my horizon and showed me that there’s more out there! More to experience, more to learn, more to challenge me with while enjoying the professionalism and the company of the people I work with!
About myself.. well… I’m a BTS Army (shout out to my fellow army in Commtech Asia who likes Jimin!) I love traveling and my favorite places to visit are Japan, Hanoi, Thailand, and New York (South Korea is on the bucket list!!). I love watching the NBA (go Lakers!) as basketball is my favorite sport of all, but I also play bowling, I do cycling, surfing and I’m a beginner at golf. Someday, I hope I can also do Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving!
To unwind, I love road trips, doesn’t matter if it’s just for the day or for a few days, nothing beats waking up to a nice beach, or a rich forest, breathing fresh air, and eating well. My hobbies include watching movies (lately I’ve been watching a lot of Korean movies and K-drama), playing with the dogs, and browsing through the net!
Someday soon, I hope to get my MBA and PhD degrees and be able to do something that is out of my comfort zone.

This year’s theme is Break the bias. How do you think we can embrace this in our workplace? And do you think Commtech Asia has tackled this well?
Diversification in the workplace is never an easy task. Stereotyping and discrimination especially in a male-dominant industry are an everyday battle for some but at Commtech Asia, I think the company has done one heck of a job to promote equality and inclusion in the workplace. Women in the company are celebrated and valued, some are even leading a team. We have lady engineers who are performing at the same level of engagement, knowledge, and skills as that of male engineers, and someday, they too will lead a project and will exceed everyone’s expectations. It is my earnest wish that Commtech Asia will continue to promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the workplace.

Your favourite quote and motto?
Motto – YOLO! You only live once so make the most out of it every day! Love and be loved, be free, be yourself, and not care about what other people will think. Be happy.
Quote – “Life is a journey, not a destination” I love this quote because it reminds me of the things life teaches us every day and that whatever you do with your life, be it good or bad, it teaches you something that you get to live by till the day you die.

What is one lesson you learned the hard way?
This pandemic has brought a lot of realization to me. That no matter how stable your life is.. be it emotional, mental, physical, or financial, you can never be sure of what tomorrow will bring. You may be healthy and wealthy in all aspects today, but tomorrow may be different.
I learned that the saying “what you planted today, you will reap tomorrow” is true, at least for me when this pandemic hit me hard and things were rough for me, the people I helped in the past came to my aid to make sure that I stay healthy and happy. All those “paying forward” really made a difference in my times of need.

Name one of the women you most look up to? And why?
I can say Margaret Thatcher because of what she did as a Prime Minister, I can say Michelle Obama for women empowerment, I can say our former President, Corazon Aquino for bringing democracy back to our country, or even Luisa from the movie Encanto for always protecting her family and her community but I don’t want to single one out because while these women are worth being looked up to,  there are also other women who are making a difference in this world. Women who break the gender barrier. Women who are Presidents, Prime Ministers and Government Leaders, Women CEOs of big, multi-national companies, women who fight for women’s rights and equality, women philanthropists, Mothers and sisters who look after their families and siblings 24/7, and many other women who ensure that women get their equal chance and be represented in this world.

How would you encourage other women out there?
Do not think that it’s because you are a woman, you cannot do what others can. Of course, you can! Women should always remember they are strong, they are intelligent, they are unique, they are talented, and can do as much as others can. Make a difference every day, raise the bar in whatever you do so that the man who will follow you next will learn how good women do it.