The development of the 540,000 sq ft diplomatic organisation located in the Patra Kuningan district is Commtech Asia’s second appointment by the customer in Indonesia.

Project summary

540,000 sq ft Project
Eight-stage full commissioning management
Four Banyan trees relocated
Approved Completed in 2018

The project

Commtech was selected to deliver full commissioning management of this construction from the outset through eight different stages, providing services which included due diligence surveys, peer review surveys, commissioning management, consultancy, heat load test and integrated systems testing (IST).

With an approximate gross floor area of 21,500 sq ft, these two halls are able to accommodate 1,200 IT racks

The project build is a five-storey chancery, comprising an official residence for the head of the organisation, accommodation for staff, recreational facilities, four guard stations, a contiguous basement, as well as comprehensive landscaping.

The building is designed to be environmentally friendly; energy consumption is reduced through the use of lightly insulated facades and sophisticated ventilation systems, site storm water is managed through extensive landscaping, green roof technology and an underground water retention system, while rainwater harvesting, sewerage recycling and low-flow water fixtures help conserve water.

Commtech Asia ensured that all these elements of the construction were installed according to defined objectives with the ability to operate and integrate optimally, hence meeting the end user’s requirements.

As the building was built on a 440,000 sq ft brownfield site, four mature Banyan trees had to be relocated – a transplanting effort which was recognised by the Indonesian Guiness Book of Records.