Maeda Corporation is the first company in Japan to secure a prestigious sustainability building rating for one of its new development, Exchange building. This was also Japan’s first building and construction project to secure LEED V4 Platinum country-wide, and at that point, Commtech Asia’s first LEED Commissioning Agent role in the country.

Project summary

2,122 sq m gross floor area
ZEB Building net zero energy
LEED V4 Platinum Japan's first project to achieve LEED V4 Platinum award

The project

Commtech Asia was appointed as a LEED Commissioning Agent for the highly sustainable project, and was responsible for the holistic evaluation of all aspects of the building services and environmental impact of the project.

The team's role involved reviewing all energy-related systems and equipment are installed and functioning as intended. This included appraising and assessing the design, materials, indoor air quality and implemented measures for maximised energy optimisation and effective water conservation.

With the team's expert knowledge, proven methodology and effective design appraisals in line with the U.S Green Building Council's requirements, the project secured the highest-levels of LEED certification and was awarded LEED V4 Platinum in 2018.

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