Datacentre and mission-critical facilities

Mission-critical facilities demand uninterrupted operations, built-in redundancy and future flexibility to meet ever-advancing technology. With our earliest roots in this industry, we have cultivated the expertise and insight to help owners and operators build reliable and high performing facilities that not only adapt to future challenges but also reduce operations and maintenance costs over time.

Commercial offices

Today’s office environments are technologically-advanced to meet fast-changing market demands. Numerous cutting-edge and complex systems are installed and the holistic process of commissioning management of all related services cannot be underestimated. Whether its a fit out, refurbishment or building upgrades, our specialists deliver an optimum built environment for owners and occupants that minimises negative impact to the environment.

Hospitality and integrated resorts

The multitude of complexities in the design and construction of hospitality and integrated resorts warrants more than just a safe pair of hands. Our integrated project solutions help owners and developers increase speed to market and build a more superior asset with greater peace of mind. We work as collaborative partners and independent advisors in managing all aspects of building systems — to enable efficient processes, deliver effective outcomes and mitigate common pitfalls such as programme delays and costly deficiencies.

Education and government

Whether it’s a construction of a state-of-the-art embassy or a live refurbishment of private educational facilities, we understand that comfortable, inviting and highly sustainable environments require robust technology solutions that are commissioned to stand up to the test of time. The strength of our capability and our customer-centric approach result in our absolute focus for service excellence and desired outcomes that are delivered on time and budget.

Major developments

Major developments have a huge part to play in providing positive built assets for people and businesses. From skyscapers to commercial properties to mixed-use developments, our focus on desired outcomes ensures success and sustainability for the long haul. Regardless of size, complexity or challenges, our goal is to deliver a high performance built asset for occupants that drives a healthy return in investment for investors and owners.


For a more competitive edge in the brick and mortar world, today’s retailers are looking beyond their products and service lines to inspire delightful and memorable in-store customer experiences. From technology brands to fashion retailers, we work as the holistic champions for the performance, durability and reliability of the building environments to enable optimum comfort levels, uninterrupted services and an enhanced shopping experience.

Case studies