Services include

Existing Building Scoping Surveys

Landlords may request a scoping survey, prior to a full retro commissioning to benefit from the full spectrum of the service. We identify energy and cost-saving opportunities through utility bill analysis and a simple building walkthrough to determine if retro commissioning is appropriate for the facility. Ultimately, it provides a planning mechanism that helps define the objectives, scope, and detailed budget for the in-depth retro commissioning effort.

Building Condition Surveys

Landlords of existing buildings or prospective tenants may opt to initiate a Building Condition or Dilapidation survey. This consists of visual inspections and performance testing of building services equipment and systems, to verify operating performance and ensure system functionality is not being compromised. Upon completion, our detailed findings report any defects and performance issues, along with proposed strategies on how they can be resolved.

Energy Audits

Energy audits evaluate power usage of a built facility. With a focus on delivering energy efficiency, our audit suggests strategies to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Retro-Commissioning Consultancy

Retro commissioning analyses the current performance of engineering systems within an existing building. It highlights ways to stop wasting energy while improving the comfort of occupants within the building environment. Using a phased approach, this service can deliver energy savings from 5 to 30 per cent, and a return on investment from between one to three years.