Pioneers and specialists

Our team of specialists were the first to pioneer independent building services commissioning management in Asia. After two decades of working with property owners, end-users and construction specialists across the world, our insights provide the highest levels of competence and technical expertise in the marketplace.

We will come to you if you need us

We are strategically located extensively across Asia Pacific, and we are flexible and mobile that can go the extra mile to support your business needs. We’ve deployed our technical teams around the world, expanded our regional footprint and invested in our people specifically for this reason.

A trusted and independent advisor

Our role is independent, and your goals and interests are uppermost in our minds. Our unbiased approach underpins our rigorous inquiry and proven methodologies, eliminating potential risks across construction disciplines and delivering better and smarter project outcomes.

360-degree view

We delve deeper and take a 360-degree view when considering all aspects of today’s built environments to meet your demands of tomorrow. This future-proofing approach results in places that are built for longevity, adaptability and for the people and businesses that inhabit them.

Forward-looking business

We foster a culture of ‘never stop learning’, and we strive to evolve as an organisation, keeping abreast of innovation, industry trends and emerging technologies. We are an insightful partner who believes in investing in the future while helping to shape the environment we live in.